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About Me

Hello, I'm Heather...

Heather McLoughlin Spainel and Doodle Specialist

I am a professionally qualified dog trainer, accredited by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and externally verified by the Open College Network.


IMDT are recognised as the leading training and education provider for dog trainers and behaviourists within the industry worldwide.

IMDT are one of the founding training organisations who have come together under the umbrella of the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter who work in unison for the benefit of dogs and dog owners. I am proud to display the Charter symbol which aligns me to the ethical and welfare conduct obligations which are at the heart of the Charter.

I am also a qualified instructor with UK Sniffer Dogs at Bronze and Silver Level.

All my training support and advice embraces modern, positive reward based techniques which have been scientifically proven to give results without causing intimidation, fear or pain or using aversive devices.

Taking a holistic approach to training, my aim is to help you build a rewarding and fulfilling bond with your puppy, adolescent, or adult dog that will last a lifetime.

I continue to attend courses and webinars to expand my knowledge and keep improving my skills so that I can be the best trainer I can be to help you and your dog.

My Story

​Heather McLoughlin IMDT In 2008 Murphy joined our family and changed my life. I was living the high life working in PR in the music industry and this working springer spaniel just turned my life upside down.  She was from a working farm, had never been indoors and honestly, was an absolute nightmare. I knew straight away that training was urgently needed! ​Having a springer for your first dog is a steep learning curve but I was so lucky to find the most wonderful reward based local trainer to start us off on our training journey.  Murph and I absolutely loved working together – so much so that after puppy class finished we continued our sessions until eventually we were delighted to be asked to join the training team to help others to train their dogs!​ Murph settled down nicely to enjoy her life with us but I knew – being a spaniel! – she needed continued mental stimulation so we tried a variety of dog sports – we found our passion was gundog work and this set me on a path looking at how we can really enrich our pet dogs lives.​ Meanwhile I was building up my pet care business, offering dog walking services in my local area and providing puppy care with training to those who needed it. This has provided me with so much valuable learning about puppies and dogs of many different breeds and ages over the years. In 2021 I decided to further my education and skills as I started to study with IMDT and was delighted to pass their assessment process to become a fully fledged member. ​Murphy is sadly no longer with us but we now share our lives with our two rescue springers, Bonnie and Larry, who keep us on our toes and enrich our lives by return.


UKSD Silver Scent Instructors Course Sep-23

Recall Masterclass (IMDT) Jun-23

Separation Anxiety course with (IMDT) May-23

IMDT Membership Assessment Pass with Merit Dec-22

IMDT Membership Assessment Pass with Merit Dec-22

Impulse Control Seminar (IMDT) Apr-22

Learning Theory (IMDT) Mar-22

4 days Practical Instructor Course (IMDT) Sep-21

Reactive Rascals (DTC) May-20

Breed and Predatory Motor Patterns (IMDT) Jun-23

Loose Leadwalking Masterclass (IMDT) Jun-23

OCN Accredited Cert ‘Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour, Level 3 Dec-22

UKSD Bronze Scent Instructors Course Sep-22

Canine Adolescence Seminar Apr-22

The Exercises (Foundation to Advanced) (IMDT) Feb-22

2 day Career as a Dog Trainer (IMDT) Apr-21

Overcoming Separation Anxiety (DTC) Apr-21

Canine Body Language (DTC) Apr-20

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