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Dog and Puppy Training

Dog & Puppy Training

All my training, support and advice embraces modern methods using reward based techniques.

Puppy Life Skills – Foundation Training – Loose Lead Walking – Training Walks – Total Recall – Teenage Tearaways – Whistle Training

My Bespoke 121 Training sessions cover all these issues and more.

Scent Detection for Pet Dogs

Teach your dog to become a scent detective.

All dogs can take part in this low impact sport which creates happy dogs, reduces stress and anxiety and is a great confidence builder as well as a being a fun activity which will strengthen the bond with your dog.

Scent Detection for Pet Dogs
Dog Walking

Dog Walking

I practice engagement and enrichment on my adventure walks and encourage appropriate play and interaction while practicing basic (but super important) behaviours like recall, with both verbal and whistle cues,  as the safety and security of your precious pooch on my walks is just as important to me as it is to you.

Group Training

Prefer to work with your puppy or dog in a group setting?

Check out my group classes for all breeds, puppies and adult dogs.

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