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Scent Detection for Pet Dogs

Scent Detection for Pet Dogs

Scentwork is fast becoming the most popular new activity to enjoy with your canine companion – and understandably so, it’s great fun, highly rewarding for both dog and guardian, and can be carried out anytime, anywhere!

The beauty of it is that it is done at your dogs pace and any dog can take part.


Older dogs use their noses more when they’re less physically able and can get huge benefits from this type of nose-work.


It is really beneficial for busy working breed type dogs who need to have a job to do to give them mental stimulation and help to fulfil them with enrichment.


Dogs in recovery after illness can get a great boost from using their noses while they recuperate back to full fitness.


Nervous and anxious dogs can also really get a great deal out of having something to focus on.


10 minutes of sniffing is more tiring than an hours walk.

It’s a fact!


Scentwork creates happy dogs – it is scientifically proven that sniffing releases happy hormones into your dogs’ system.

I offer classes, workshops and 121 sessions at Bronze and Silver level.

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